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Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems in Redding, CA

Irrigation Repair

We have a division of our business completely devoted to irrigation and sprinkler repair. We repair broken pipes, leaky spigots, and cracked or leaking sprinkler heads. We have a fleet of vans stocked with irrigation repair supplies allowing us to fix, replace, and modify your sprinklers or watering system immediately after we diagnose the problem. By avoiding extra trips to gather repair supplies, we help save you money and time.

Irrigation and Sprinkler Installation

We design and install sprinkler and irrigation systems to water your lawn, garden and shrubs around your house. No matter what your landscape watering needs are, we are experts in making sure all of your vegetation that needs water, gets it.  Also, we understand the importance of water conservation and will ensure your new irrigation system is not needlessly using water.  By adding drip systems, watering timers and the most efficient sprinkler heads, we can help keep your yard looking great while still conserving water.

Water Conservation

We are water conservation specialists that can help you stay conscientious during times of drought in the North State.  In many cases minor adjustments to your current sprinkler system can reduce watering greatly. Our irrigation techs are educated in all forms of water saving methods and products in order to achieve your goals of water conservation.


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